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In addition to strengthening linkages and collaboration across the project’s RRDCs, REMCAP is eager to explore opportunities for wider engagement and collaboration with other EU and international maritime RRDCs to further maximise opportunities for innovation capacity and growth.

In order to strengthen knowledge and share the expertise and learning generated through the project, the REMCAP project team will develop a number of materials (e.g. annual newsletter, project reports, summary finding briefing papers) at key project stages to keep interested stakeholders aware of our work.

REMCAP will also host two workshops for international collaboration in the final eighteen months of the project to develop expanded working partnerships which enable the project team – and potential new partners - to capitalise on the maritime resource efficiency development and growth opportunities identified over the REMCAP project.

We are happy to keep you updated of project progress, key findings, and next steps. To register, please provide your contact details and inform us of your areas of particular interest so we can ensure to keep you updated accordingly:

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REMCAP is a Coordination Project funded by the
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the Regions of Knowledge programme of FP7