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REMCAP centres on 6 RRDCs in England, France, Ireland, Lithuania, Portugal and Sweden.

  • England - Solent Maritime Cluster
    • Strong business community with good international presence, and substantial marine research capability, centred on the Solent (Hampshire Isle of Wight and West Sussex), but extending also into surrounding districts (Kent, East Sussex, Surrey and Dorset) Marine South East (MSE) has around 1,500 marine business members, and works closely with the University of Southampton which has recently launched a Marine & Maritime Institute to provide a centre for innovation and research expertise.

      The Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (represented in REMCAP by Portsmouth City Council) has responsibility for investment and economic development across the Solent region, and is steered for maritime issues by a Board administered by MSE.

      Recognition of marine industry’s economic importance is high, but strategic engagement with regional & local public authorities is relatively new.

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  • Sweden – Western Sweden Maritime Cluster
    • Good range of marine companies (large & small) and strong universities with good technology transfer record, and active in ‘emerging’ marine sectors. Regional role in promoting marine industry growth is well-established. In the West Sweden Cluster, over 15,000 people are employed in the maritime sector.

      Five areas of strength have been identified and include:

      - Maritime operations and technology
      - Seafood
      - Marine Energy
      - Marine Biotechnology
      - Marine Tourism and Recreation

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  • France – Pole Mer Mediterranee
    • Established by national government as one of the Pôles de Competitivité, and formed with engagement of businesses, research centres and regional authority. Significant role in Mediterranean marine policy and market development.

  • Portugal – OCEANO XXI
    • OCEANO XXI was established in 2009 as an umbrella organization involving several business associations, companies, research centers and universities, and with the participation of local/regional public bodies. We work with all of them and with others to promote the Portuguese Sea Knowledge and Economy Cluster.

  • Ireland – Irish Maritime & Energy Research Cluster (IMERC)
    • The Irish Maritime Research Cluster (IMERC) is the focal point of promoting Ireland as a world renowned maritime and research development location. As a cluster that has emerged from a diverse business community alongside a strong research base, IMERC brings capabilities in the emerging, high-growth marine sectors, with effective public authority engagement.

      IMERC focuses on underpinning Ireland’s position as an early leader in the nascent ocean energy (wave and tidal) sector) - to support the development of an ecosystem of innovation to support job creation in a unique cluster and campus location. REMCAP Partners under the IMERC umbrella are the Cork Institute of Technology, representing the National Maritime College of Ireland, Cork Chamber of Commerce and the Southwest Regional Authority.

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  • Lithuania – Klaipeda Maritime Cluster
    • Klaipeda Maritime Cluster represents the Lithuanian integrated research and business centres aimed at coordinating commercial and scientific aspects of the maritime sector in Klaipeda. Both fields function separately to manage and consolidate local commercial activities seeking to enhance entrepreneurship and incubation activities, research infrastructure and cooperation with businesses within the region.

      The physical infrastructure of the cluster highlights its capability as a hub for transnational collaboration, with the development of Klaipeda and Šventoji State Seaports, Butinge oil terminal, which are supported by large shipping companies bearing high tonnage capacity in two major ship yards.

      Operating with numerous maritime services, the cluster is establishing its position amongst Lithuanian supply chain and cargo forwarding companies, through a growing human resource base and high quality education and training institutions. Klaipeda Maritime Cluster's current maritime based activities serve as promotional tools involving a combined outlook from the public and private sectors as well as business associations and ancillary marine based industries.

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REMCAP is a Coordination Project funded by the
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