Goal of REMCAP
REMCAP Focus Markets


The goal of REMCAP is to substantially increase the innovation capacity across the EU in maritime resource efficiency, and thereby position European businesses to exploit growing global demand for resource efficient technologies, systems and operations.

REMCAP's goal is targeted on stimulating and focusing investment decisions by businesses, the research community and public authorities.

The goal of REMCAP will be achieved using the following logic:

  • Generating information on the market potential in maritime resource efficiency and the opportunities this presents for winning business, together with the innovation priorities that will enable access to these opportunities
  • Understanding of current capabilities relevant to such innovation, including research facilities, research projects and the potential for cluster activities to facilitate innovation
  • Identifying capability gaps that would impede such innovation, and defining a common action plan, as well as individual action plans for each partner region, to address these gaps
  • Enacting inter-regional and regional measures to enable implementation of these action plans, such as building of trans-national consortia targeting specific innovation priorities

At the end of the project, a suite of projects and investment propositions should be ready to take forward in order to highlight opportunities for involvement amongst European clusters, and potential for wider international co-operation. The innovation capacity generated by the REMCAP consortium will support implementation of future research and innovation programmes, and reinforce the specialist capabilities of each cluster region.


Marine South East Ltd.
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Southampton SO16 7NP, UK.
Tel: +44 (0) 2380 111 590
Email: coord@remcap.eu

REMCAP is a Coordination Project funded by the
Research DG of the European Commission within
the Regions of Knowledge programme of FP7